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It was an ordinary day in the World: greed, destruction, hope.  Tomorrow will be different.

A solitary individual sits at a mahogany desk in a penthouse office, overlooking the Manhattan skyline, gathering and manipulating data and submitting it to the ‘cloud’.  He views the changes in the stock market on his iPhone, confident of investments made earlier in the day.   

The Mahogany Desk Man has earned his space through hard work. Harvard degrees in Business Management and connections developed over the years lead to his establishing an institution structured to fund organizations and countries, to support the populace and humanitarian programs. It is a noble, worthwhile vision lost in the fog of greed. He resisted at first but succumbed to the overwhelming desire to be a part of an organization which could rule the world no matter what the cost. He took steps to insure his family’s survival, just in case.

4500 miles from the iPhone, devices have been planted to open valves and close others. Alarms have been disabled. At the Sao Paolo plant a spark from a concealed device ignites the gas filling the room where some of the facility staff have been overcome and lay unconscious on the floor.  When the red-hot flame explodes it rolls along, building like a wave off the north shore, engulfing all in its path. Those not overcome by the escaping gas cannot outrun the flames bearing down on them. Screams and pleas for someone to stop the pain of burning flesh can be heard throughout the facility as the smell of smoldering bodies pollute the air.  Survivors of the initial explosion, no longer able to outrun the destruction, are killed as collapsing walls of the broken factory fall on them.

A nearly simultaneous set of explosions is heard occurring in two separate locations.  The first explosion in the Sorocaba plant levels the administration building and the ensuing fire spreads to other buildings in the facility. Bodies are being tossed around like rag dolls from the second explosion leveling the production facilities, killing 900 workers trapped inside. The explosion is so large it takes out the north-west wall of the six-story hospital facility. The subsequent fire lasts for more than five hours and lights up the night sky like a setting sun.

The effects of these “accidental” explosions are far-reaching. Financial stability of countries is altered, monies are exchanged and families destroyed. It is a horrendous undertaking to clean up the destruction. The most tragic scene is the hospital and surrounding playground; absent of laughter from playing children. Their bodies strewn throughout the grounds, lifeless and without hope for the future. The rubble which was the hospital, works hard to care for those lucky enough to survive the initial blasts. The sheer volume is too much for the surviving staff to handle and those souls are not so lucky after all. Soft wailing of the newly created orphans, widows and widowers  is all that is left.

The Mahogany Desk Man sends out a broadcast, minutes after the explosions, to a select few smartphones with the message: “Operation Future APP complete.  Investors may expect across the board gains.”



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